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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  December 20, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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donald trump'ses are offering up access to their father in exchange for large donations. what will it cost to get the ear of president trump? for most americans that price tag is staggering. exclusive details about president obama's stern warning to vladimir putin ahead of the u.s. elections. the infamous red phone. sing the th cynthia fadden will have the story. the driver that plowed into a crowded christmas market that killed 12 people and injured 48 more. officials have just released the man they detained year the scene saying they were unable to prove he was the driving the truck and behind the attack. what are you hearing about the status and isis is claiming
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responsibility. >> thanks, katie. the manhunt as gone back to ground zero. so much has changed in the last several hours. the man they initially detained, the 23-year-old pakistani who sought asylum here a year ago. he has been released for lack of evidence that put him in the cab of the truck that committed the crime you mentioned last night. it plowed into a crowd of people attending a christmas market and killed 12 people. they also in the last several hours, an isis-affiliated agency claimed responsibility for the attack. now we have a claim and a motive describing what happened and why. no perpetrator. this dragnet by the german police will be expanding and going to probably be increasing security on christmas markets throughout the country.
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these christmas markets are a traditional event coming up in the weeks ahead of christmas. this has been shut down and there is eerie quiet. isis was behind this attack truck here. this will be seen as a major blow. >> we will find out if that affects the german elections and the wave of nationalism has taken over europe of late. two u.s. intelligence officials tell us that their preliminary assessment is that the attack was inspired by jihadist ideology by isis operatives. matt bradley is in berlin. thank you very much. turning our attention to turkey,
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investigators are ongoing after the russian ambassador was gunned down yesterday in an event at an art exhibition. the chilling attack was caught on camera and new video shows the gunman creeping behind him moments before he fired several shots into his back. you can see him behind in this video on your screen pretending to look at the pictures. moments after, he was killed in a shootout. now authorities are trying to figure out if he was acting alone. richard angle is in istanbul. are they closer to determining if he was alone or helped by any particular group or person? >> well, turkish authorities are not saying. they are working with russian investigators, a team of 18 detectives arrived here. turkish and russian authorities are trying to work closely together and don't want it to be
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a wedge between the two nations. russia is hoping this brings turkey closer to the russian position regarding terrorism and regarding how the future of the mideast should take shape. a turkish security official said that the attack in his opinion was too sophisticate and too professional to have been the act of just one individual. that was with the cameras rolling and taking still photographs as well. you see how he moves through the space and takes up a position mind the ambassador and pretends to look and be engaged in the artwork on the wall and eases his hand into his jacket. pulls out a pistol and beginsa
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firing. he dies a short while later in a gun fight with the turkish police. it could have been likely. it could have been he was acting alone and this one, turkish officials thought there was a group behind it. >> the statements in air big call him a jihadist. >> and he was turkish. >> it seems like a muslim cleric who is living here in the united states? this is a somewhat fraught place. if you listen to the militant in a statement, he was professing to be a ji hattie and saying he wants to carry out the attack to punish russia for carrying out
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the attack on aleppo. american security officials said he lost a lot of territory to an al qaeda affiliate that changed its name. a militant would be carrying out the attack. that would be one way of looking at it. turkish officials going up to people close to that are saying it's not that. instead it's a much deeper plot that involves the cleric who was once an ally who is based in the united states who turkey said tried to carry out a coop in this country last summer.
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turkey is purging the ranks of the military and lawyers and teachers and journalists to try to find anyone remotely associated or accused of being associated with this cleric. it is a stretch, but not unusual if you see what else is going on. they try to find a way to blame it on the cleric. i'm not saying the cleric is blameless. the u.s. said they need more evidence and they are going back and forth. we will see how this plays out and turkey wants him back. there was an obsession about the
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supporters. almost any time something bad happens, he is the first to be blamed. more round ups ensue. >> richard engle for us. let's go to kevin barron. an executive editor along with the former consultant. let's start with you. a man who was detained after firing shots outside of the embassy in turkey not far from where the ambassador was killed. should we as americans be on the alert for the coming days. that immediately puts everybody on higher alert around the
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world. for the travel to europe. just like there are here in the united states. caution for any of the holiday gathering areas here. it just adds another layer to the security concerns that they would like americans and others to have. >> we were just talking about how turkish authorities were trying to blame this on the muslim clerics and the gunman is heard speaking in arabic and turkish, saying he is a jihadi and saying that about aleppo. russia's involvement in aleppo. how likely is it to inflame tensions.
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he went to russia and met with vladimir putin. it has been becoming closer and closer. turkey wanted to be part of the urine yon. he becomes further and further away from the russian position. this incident rather than being a wedge is going to drive turkey closer to vladimir putin than further away. >> let's go back to berlin and the attack on the christmas market. kevin, isis has been encouraging the followers to attack civilians abroad and attack soft
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spots. is this something we have seen inice and potentially berlin, is this something americans should be worried about happening here. why hasn't it happened here? yes and no. the shift and focus has gone towards the inspired terrorist in the united states. that's not the same as europe. people need to be aware and say something if they see something. there is a difference between america and europe in population and percentages of the populations that are either locally born muslim populations and those that came over any recent history much less the wave of immigrants. the fear of somebody coming from
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the mideast to your town to blow something up and go on a shooting spree and through the market. it should be considered a lot less in the united states than in europe. that said, there is a caveat and we see it in new york city with increased security here. you take it upon yourself and you need to know what to lock for. >> coming up, the red phone conversation with vladimir putin over the scandal. the president issued a warning closer to the election itself. details are ahead. donald trump dubbed hillary clinton crooked hillary during the campaign claiming she was claiming access at the state department for big donations.
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only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. . donald trump and eric trump are mind a new nonprofit offering access not only to themselves, but their dad, the incoming program. donate a few hundred thousand dollars or a cool million to quote conservation charities. from the center for public integrity who dug into this. as you might have guessed, it is raising questions around the role of trump's family.
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a brochure surfaced and offers a series of high profile packages ranging from $25,000 to one million for inauguration weekend rewards. the bald eagle package offers a private reception with president trump on inauguration weekend, the day after in fact. as well as a melt day hunting excursion with trump's children. why is this a big deal? donald trump himself logged the same accusations against hillary clinton calling her corrupt and crooked and said she was trading influence to her at the state department and two big donors who were donating to the clinton foundation that resonated with many donald trump supporters during the campaign and that's a reason why so many of them called her crooked and it is something that they touted as well. it is okay for the trump
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transition to do this, but not okay for the democrats. they are just responding to this and moments ago, the opening day event and details that have been reported are merely initial concepts that have not been pursued. they are avid outdoors men and supporters of conservationests that align with the goals. they are not involved in any capacity. bush back as of now. he dug into the history during the campaign. what do you make of the statement during the trump transition team? will it go the way of the canceled coffee date?
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it will go on on the 21st, the day after the innaugzration. >> why is it a big deal for the trump sons to get access to the president-elect in this nature? that goes to conservation charities and you get face time and the way politics has always been done. >> we don't know what the charities are and there is something called the boone and crocket club, the group that keeps records of the biggest game trophies taken in north america. i talked to them and they don't have any events that are common.
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there is sort of a direct quid pro quo there. pay a million dollars and gets to meet with the president inaugurated the day before. the direct payment for access is more direct than you see in washington. >> that's the reporting that you did when donald trump claimed he given millions to charities and couldn't say which they were. you called hundreds of charities and couldn't come up with much. could this be similar where the money goes there? >> the opening day foundation and the charity and they listed them as directors and doesn't have tax exempt status by the time of this event.
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i'm not sure donald trump or eric trump will admit to being involved in this. the purpose and usefulness is undefined. if it's to raise money, we don't know where it's going and who paid into it for a long time. this starting a charity five days before and using it to funnel the money that will be used to buy access to the president. there is a lot of questions that raises. >> it's a charity and not a political organization. why can donald trump and the gop get away with this with the same acquisitions against hillary clinton over and over again during the campaign? are i don't know that they are getting away with it. there will be a lot of questions raised. >> that didn't seem to go anywhere in terms of voters. >> trump won the election, but
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that doesn't mean that people don't care. now that he is the president-elect, he's alone on the stage and hillary clinton is not there to be compared to. this will raise questions for him on inauguration day and the day after. if he is mixing business and eric and don are supposed to be running the business and the presidency, eric and don appear to be selling access to their father. that is going to cause problems for democracy and donald trump. he is always going to be explaining and fighting off questions regarding the conflict of interest. >> they will seize on this and their election battle for the presidency in 2020. we will find out if that takes hold for them. thank you so much for joining me and happy holidays as well. here in new york, a federal court released the information the fbi used to look into hillary clinton's e-mail. you might remember this was a big controversy in the final weeks of the campaign.
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it's the application submitted to get e-mails on anthony wiener's computer. more on this. we have the documents in front of us. there is a lot of redacted stuff. i don't see anything here that said they had a right or a cause to get into anthony wiener's computer and to tell the public they were going back into this. >> the redacted part is odd and let's go with what's normal. police need probable cause to go into your stuff. he said my glove compartment is locked and i know my rights. you will need a warrant for that. >> i love you when you are in your livics lately. >> that is why you can't go into someone's trunk and you can't go into anthony wiener's laptop. you have to have probable cause. what is normal is the government
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saying we have probable cause. that is just the that there is a likely toad of evidence of a prime. not that there was a crime, but something we need to look at when what you held up is a bunch of redacted material. this involves the use of color and there is a catch 22 where the information we normally see to justify it is not there. the arguments are a little thick. what the fbi said is there are believed to be e-mails between huma and hillary clinton and we think they may have classified material. that's a little thin because it doesn't sound like evidence of a crime. it sounds like e-mails. i want to give two caveats. other parts are redacted and no
1:25 pm
one can say, not me or anyone else whether there is good evidence that is redacted and probable cause warrants are issued all the time on thin evidence. they involved in an election and does the fbi announce it weeks before people go to the polls? >> what if he waited? had he waited which is the normal retune, we would be reporting on this under the nearly routine with more information when it came out through the judicial process. there are always going to be experience theorist who is don't like that. i covered the cases all the time and i can tell you we keep an eye on it when warrants are approved or not. there is a system called pacer. we can down lot it. for people who are not in
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experience land, we would have gotten that after the election and that was not how it played out. >> did anything pop out to you? >> only that it was a thin case. i want to repeat. it is thin based on what was provided. >> is there a chance that more of this will be unsealed? >> i don't know, but i want to be fair to the case here. what is redacted might have been what the judge said they have it here. there are good reasons. that is not a bad thing and probable cause warrants are not that hard to get. no suggestion that was that weert, but what was weird was the discussion around it. >> lots of thick black marker. >> and christmas wrapping. >> you would do that. that's something you would do or whatever. >> the red cross, let's move on.
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more than 2500 people fled aleppo over the last few days, but the situation is dire for the thousands still waiting to evacuate. the latest from inside aleppo, coming up next. ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that make it all worthwhile. thank you santa!!! now lease the 2017 c300 for $389 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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>> isis media arm claims credit for the truck attack on a christmas market in berlin, germany that killed 12 people and injured more than 50 others. the terror group didn't provide specific information. this comes as german authorities launch a newman hunt for the truck's driver. police released the man they arrested immediately following the attack saying they did not have enough evidence to hold him. the body of the assassinated russian ambassador to turkey arrived back in his homeland a short time ago. he was shot and killed as a spoke in a photo exhibition.
1:31 pm
police shot and killed the gunman. senate majority leader rejecting calls by a bipartisan group of senators to create a special committee for interference in the u.s. election by russia and other countries. saying a kentucky tv station is very concerned about the issue, but the senate intelligence committee is able to investigate it. michigan's attorney general filing charges against four more officials for the flint water crisis. two former emergency managers caused by contaminating drinking water. the charges have been brought against state and local officials. the pentagon confirming that china confirmed an under water drone seized by the navy last week. the drone was handed over near the point where it was picked up in the south china sea near the
1:32 pm
philippines. now to syria where the evacuation of eastern aleppo has been finished. thousands of people were able to leave today, but a few thousand people are still waiting to be evacuated before forces take control of the largest city. this as the foreign minster sai they are ready to act as guarantors. bill neely is on the ground in eastern aleppo. >> look at the devastation in this area in heble hands until about a week ago and now in the hands of assad forces. from the carnage that took place, the convoys have been continuing through the night and today carrying tens of thens of people away frommed the final heble-held areas of the city. the even temperatures have been below zero, freezing. most of those people are not
1:33 pm
just cold and hungry, but exhausted and traumatized. after four years of war. remember president a sat's tactics were surrender or starve. most of those people are indeed. from the 7-year-old who chronicled the suffering of the city, a new plea for peace and to that end in moscow, russia, iran, and turkey, they are holding talks to kick start new peace process. the u.s. not involved on the sidelines. the prospects are toor insdeed.
1:34 pm
assad forces have been bombarding and one of the targets is the very place where most of the tens of thousands of refugees from here are going to. they are safe for now, but that may change. a resolution allows monitors to come here to oversee the evacuation. the evacuation is almost over and it's an illustration really of just how slow and how ineffective and powerless the un security council has been because of course it is divided between russia and the west. the crisis here like the war is very, very far from over. >> now to a major decision for president obama. an oil drilling off the american coast. the white house announcing a short time ago that u.s.-owned waters in the arctic and atlantic ocean will be off
1:35 pm
limits to future oil and gas drilling. it will be difficult for trump once in office to undo the action. canada is putting a moratorium in its arctic waters and donald trump is likely to overturn many of president obama's environmental regulations and this as the incoming administration tries to learn more about the climate change initiatives. the transition team asked the state department to disclose how much it gives environmental groups every year and it's not the first time they tried to probe affairs. they were asked to provide a list of employees and worked on efforts to cut carbon emissions. the transition team said it was not authorized. 50 off, why would the trump
1:36 pm
administration be looking for this from the state department? >> we are not sure exactly what they were looking for. the sfrazing that was sent to the state department is vague, but it appears that the transition team and people who are a part of this at the state department are trying to find out how much they spend on efforts that would include climate change and probably other environmental priorities. >> why climate change specifically? >> we assume tha the trump campaign or transition team is making good on the campaign promise to cut climate change spending and other, what they call wasteful spending.
1:37 pm
it comes out of the energy department than out of the state department. it does fund many, many programs and they would fall under the rou rubric and the paris climate agreement, the u.s. would spend far, far more. >> why would the state department be involved in environmental affairs overseas? internationally? >> that has nothing to do with either the current administration or the incoming one. it is long standing part of state department organizations and the branch that is involved in essentially joining and participating in international bodies that would deal with environment and other things as well.
1:38 pm
and also oceans and climate branch. john kerry the secretary of state made climate change his signature issue and he is expected to work on it when he leaves office in a few weeks. certainly it is not a classic diplomatic issue about war and peace, but it falls under the perview because it is an international issue and requires agreements and compacts among countries and not something the state department does. >> have they responded to this request? >> not specifically nor did the trump transition team respond to the initial questions from "the washington post" about it, however they said that overall the questions and interactions coming from the trump landing team at state have been
1:39 pm
appropriate and they have not said this particular one is inappropriate. it's so vague frankly that the state department is trying to figure out what it encompasses and what the transition team and what information they are looking for. >> from "the washington post," thank you so much. >> thank you. >> the christmas market attack is triggering sharp responses from far right politicians in europe and some placing blame on german chancellor angela merkel in a year that seemed a right wing populism around the world, how will the attacks affect elections in key european nations and how does that affect us? we will dive in with our panel coming up next. bl
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yesterday's attack in berlin could be a set back for angela merkel's hopes for reelection. she has seen popularity plummet
1:43 pm
against the migrant policy. one of the latest figures putting approval rating at 57% down from 75% that she enjoyed before the migrant crisis erupted. right wing populism and nationalism has been growing across europe. global attention turning to france where right wing candidate francois may be pitted against the far right candidate. they are the two most formidable candidates for the presidency. the senior politics editor and sa brbrina is the political opponent. this is a british paper overseas. and how much of a thread is he giving him. >> the fact with respect to the
1:44 pm
elections is not much distinction when it am cans to views on immigration. francois is someone who spent the last few years on a listening tour trying to harpess far right voters who prefer to take a hard line on immigration. he is center right, but on the n far right, she has been advocating against accepting refugees or immigrants. >> it goes further than refugees. >> one of the more interesting pieces, the left is going against the who is the law and order candidate. you are seeing it transcends party lines against a protectionist wave and saw glimpses here in yf.
1:45 pm
>> in germany as well? >> she is facing vulnerability and we don't have details on the attacker in berlin, but the prospect that it could be an asylum seeker. she opposed a ban and that is reminiscent fors muslims and migrants in western europe where they accepted hundreds of thousands of refugees and 800,000 from north africa and the middle east. >> president obama was asked in response to his policies back in november. let's listen and react on the other side. >> the american people like the german people or just like the british and people around the world are seeing extraordinarily
1:46 pm
rapped change and economies have been much more integrated and people feel i think less certain about their identity. >> less certain about their identity and voters are going out to see trump. they wanted jobs to stay here. they felt like the country was getting away from him. is this something that we can see happening overseas? is it really in response to obama specifically? >> thank you for going to sabrina for the specifics for the policies. i would have been totally lost. three factors are universal. is of course what we talked about earlier, immigration and refugees. they are dealing with this in far more abundance than here in america where the borders are less secure and we have the
1:47 pm
woerd woerding and the second is inequality. the reaction from the great recession was that the countries chose austerity. you saw rampant unemployment continue. that was less of a problem in america, but it manifested in the 2016 elections and the final x factor that i look at here is and it remains to be seen is russian interference. obviously we are now getting our hands on the extent in the 2016 elections, but you have seen concerns bubbling over in germany by the possibility that russia might do something along the lines of what happened in our own election. we have seen leaks on wikileaks and german officials guarding from a cyber standpoint against the possibility of a russian actor interfering in their own
1:48 pm
election. >> sabrina, let's go to this. donald trump touted himself as mr. brexit because it happened in the uk and he believes the same forces propelled him to a win here. the success of brexit overseas, how does it play into what's going on in the eu and what's going on with these refugees. does that and given the increase in terror attacks, does that make it more likely we will see more countries leaving the european union? >> i think brexit set the tone not only with respect to the election of donald trump, but could expect to see elections in germany and france as well as the netherlands where right wing candidates are gaining traction by running a hard line platform against open door policies and a broader stance in general and a
1:49 pm
difficulty to harness a message that speaks to a lot of apger and frustration of people that is not only about immigration, but the unifying message that we are stronger together and countries are at their best when they stand for inclusion. that is not reaching the voters and the way that the center left would hope and they haven't been able to channel a winning message and in part because they are under estimating the rise of that nationalist and pop lift wave. that has to do with rejection of globalization. >> that was districted around the department of defense that lists what donald trump's priorities will be. not listed is russia. i am told that we are out of time. maybe tomorrow. >> but the discussion.
1:50 pm
>> i know. put a jacket on, why don't you. thank you guys so much. >> thanks. >> up next, a look at the markets and the dow flirted with the 20,000 milestone. world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. ...better than a manual, and my hygienist says it does. but...
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what's going on with the dow. here's the cnbc market wrap for what is happening. >> it's wall street's version of are we there yet? falling just short of the 20,000
1:54 pm
mark on the dow, still finishing in record territory. the dow higher and the s&p up 8 and the nasdaq rising by 26. first in business worldwide.
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we have exclusive details on the u.s. response to the russian interference in the presidential election. cynthia fadden has more. >> a rare and highly classified event that occurred days before the presidential election. two senior intelligence
1:58 pm
officials tell us on the morning of october 31st, the u.s. transmitted a message directly to the kremlin warning the russians that the u.s. would consider any interference on election day a grave matter. the method of communication is the so-called red phone system. an e-mail line directly linking moscow and washington via secure satellite. according to a u.s. official, part of the message is international law including the law for armed conflict applies to actions in cyber space. we will hold russia to those standards. officials say the transmission was prompted by the widespread attack on october 21st when millions were blocked from accessing popular websites. u.s. intelligence now believes the russians were not involved. it was viewed as a dry run for a massive attack on election day. they spookd the white house enough to use the hotline reserved for moments of crisis.
1:59 pm
the system evolved over the years, originally put in place 53 years ago in the wake of the cuban missile crisis when america and the russians were on the brink of nuclear war. intelligence officials said using the so-called red phone system signifies how serious the situation became. one intelligence official believes the message from the u.s. was "muddled " with mow clear warning about what the consequences might be. in their response, that same official said the russians were noncommittal. they told nbc news before the transmission was subject, president obama was urged by at least one senior adviser to issue the ultimate threat to vladimir putin that the u.s. would consider meddling on election day an act of war. mr. obama opted not to issue a warning that specific, believing
2:00 pm
it would inflame an already tense situation. >> what sources tell us is neither the russians nor any foreign government intervened in any way on election day. there has not now or ever been a red phone. it is called the nuclear risk reduction center and the obama administration added a component back in 2013 and that's what was used here for the first time. >> another day, another fascinating story. thank you so much. that will do it for this hour. mtp daily with chuck todd starts now. >> if it's tuesday, an unpredictable president-elect is set to take office in an unpredictable world. the terror attack in berlin and assassination in turkey. highlighting


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